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Jameson Olson grew up fishing south-central Wisconsin with his wonderful grandparents and his love for being near the water continued when his family moved to northeastern Indiana at the age of 16, where he still resides.  During trips to Missouri to visit his dad, Jameson learned how to target largemouth bass and this kind of fishing consumed his time throughout his adult life.  In 2012 he and his wife purchased kayaks and Jameson opted for a fishing style kayak.  On their initial trip to a nearby lake, Jameson caught his first fish from a kayak and has been “hooked” on the sport ever since.  He feels fortunate in that his wife, Ginger, enjoys the sport as well and has become his favorite fishing partner. As well as being part of the Jackson Regional Fishing Team, Jameson is also a member of the Yakangler.com Regional Pro Staff, Bending Branches Pro Staff Wildcat Creek Outfitters Fishing Team, a co-founder and board member of the Indiana Kayak Anglers, and c0-owner of www.trailinghookjournal.com. Jameson is always happy to help newcomers to the sport of kayak fishing and welcomes anyone in the northeast Indiana area that wants to get together and do some fishing.

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