Jason Grimmett

Hi Everyone, I am Jason Grimmett.  I am from New Zealand and have been fishing for as long as I can remember. I started out in far north then grow up in fishing paradise the coro mantle were my father taught me all I know today.
I’m grateful to have had a father with a strong passion for fish. My youngest memory as a kid is fishing with him from the rocks and boat as a 4 year old.
I started the Wellington kayak fishing group/community to grow the sport and help others on the kayak fishing journey, showing them different set ups of reel/rod to different rigs to use or how to tie knots.
I have met a lot of fishermen over the years from land based rock fishing to trout fish to big game fishing.
I am loving the new Kraken and setting it up for kiwi style fishing.  As a father I am proud to pass on the words his father said to him “son big hooks/baits equal big fish” and teach my son’s how to fish.
When I’m not offshore building oil gas platforms I am on or in the water hunting gathering.
It’s a place I can zone out and enjoy some well deserved “me” time.

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