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Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks and the beautiful Ozark Mountains, I was bound to be in the outdoors in some way, shape, form or fashion. Thankfully, my father taught my brother and I to hunt and fish at a very early age. Every chance we got, we would go hunting or fishing for whatever we could find. Bound to fishing from the banks and hunting on public land, we learned how tough each could be when compared to fishing out of a boat or hunting on private managed land. Luckily, we persevered and found ways, to not only learn how to master and to be consistent in what we caught, but also to appreciate the fundamentals of fishing and the joy of being in the great outdoors. It didn’t matter if we didn’t catch anything or bag any trophies we were just happy to be with nature. The camaraderie of being with people who share the same interests or even the solidarity that comes from those solo trips, is something that I cannot compare to anything else and hold very close to my heart.

Aside from being an Arkansas Razorback fan, I am also the biggest fan of three very important women in my life: my wife, Rachel, our 6 yr old daughter, Harley and our 4 month old daughter, Sloane. Their love is what keeps me going and striving to be a better person. We also have two dogs and a cat, though I do not claim the cat (except for in this post). I am very energetic, impatient (sometimes annoyingly impatient), and I like to take risks. I like to learn from the risks that do not go as planned, just so I can try them again, until it goes the way I planned. I am excited to be a part of the Jackson team and look forward to the great strides I plan to make while here.

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