Kevin Bullington

I’m Kevin Bullington and I live in Northern California. I love anything and everything bass fishing! A few years ago I was introduced to “kayak bass fishing” and I’ve never looked back. Kayak fishing brings a whole new life to fishing that I never experienced before. I’ve been places and seen things that most anglers only dream about when marooned from on the shore.
I currently paddle a Jackson Big Rig and I’m completely amazed by this boat’s capabilities. I’ve documented many of my fishing adventures on my YouTube channel over the past several years where you as viewers can experience my outings on a regular basis. Living in Northern California affords me the opportunity to fish for several species of bass. I mostly target the ornery largemouth bass in the overgrown back waters of the county and the spunky spotted bass of Shasta Lake.
My channel also has dedicated hardbait product reviews and many other videos relating to bass and kayak fishing. There are many archived videos there too that you may find entertaining. Check it out if you haven’t already and you can follow me on Facebook as well, both under the name “Kevin Bullington”. If I can help you to further your fishing experiences, send me a message on Facebook or leave me a comment on YouTube. Tight lines!

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