Marco Rosendahl

Hi I’m Marco Rosendahl from the Netherlands and I’m since 1/2 year in the possession of a Jackson BigRig Kayak.

After a long search at fishing exhibitions and reading many internet reviews  I chose the Jackson BigRig  partly for its stability and the conversion possibilities, for me it was a condition that I could build an electric motor on with the steering through my feet so that I can fish fully hands free.

The reason for this was that I had a stroke 2 years ago  so multitasking is a problem for me! With the Jackson BigRig and the hands free cruising I solved that problem and now I’m be able to go fishing whenever I want .

As a technical guy I’m developing my BigRig as comfortable as possible with solar charging for the Humminbird fish finder and a hands on anchor system whit 25 meters 290kg! dyneema kite cord for transportation I use four wheels as you can see on  my profile photo, for long distance I rebuild a trailer with rollers for easy trailing.

So you can see my ideas are unlimited and that’s why I’m so happy that Jan ask me to be a Jackson team member so together we upgrading fishing to the next level.



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