Phillip “Pip” Scearce

Phillip credits his college friend, Mike Gray, for introducing him to bass fishing in the early 90’s while attending East Carolina University. When not studying, Phillip and Mike fished anywhere they could get access with their float tubes. In 1994 Phillip moved to Lakeland Florida and quickly became involved in the club tournament scene, where he continued to learn from some of best local anglers. However, it wasn’t until a Santa Fe River canoe that Phillip discovered the tranquility and possibilities of river fishing. Kayak fishing was still in its infancy. Discovering a knack for writing, Phillip (aka Pip) contributed articles and product reviews for local fishing websites and eventually caught the attention of one of the early pioneers of kayak fishing, Dew Gregory. Phillip was a frequent contributor to Drew’s website until family and career took priority. However, he never stopped fishing, learning new techniques, and evolved with the sport and media aspects of kayak fishing. Today, you’ll find Phillip fishing his “home-water”, the beautiful Peace River, where bass and snook share the same haunts. His new challenge is learning the secrets of the saltwater flats of nearby Tampa Bay. He’ll keep us posted here.

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