Rob “House” Orr

Rob goes by “House” to his friends – a fanatical fisherman constantly trying to one-up his last big fish or fishing trip with something bigger, rarer, or more fun to write about.  Rob prides himself as being an “adventure fisherman” and has an endless supply of stories from his fishing escapades to back up the claim.  His passion is targeting hybrid striped bass and true stripers along the Ohio River, but he also targets white bass, catfish, gar, and musky.  He is also well-versed in surf fishing and tackle crafting.
You will find Rob out on the water year round, almost 200 days a year.  He holds several of his division’s KayakWars records and is probably most known for his winter kayak fishing exploits on the Ohio River.  He says the state record gar and hybrid are not out of reach.Rob has a degree in biology, computer science, as well as a medical doctorate.  He says his best strengths are being dedicated, well-networked, and knowledgeable in many areas.   His best advice to fellow anglers is to keep a fishing log, learn to use satellite imagery, and to seek out and learn from fishermen that are better than you.

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