Tyler Overstreet

Growing up in central Florida and being virtually surrounded by water, its no wonder Tyler Overstreet is very passionate about kayak fishing with it being the fishing capitol of the world. He has been an avid kayak fisherman for 3 years now and passionate about growing the sport. He loves catching big largemouth bass through out the state of Florida. A few years back, he and buddy started an organization called Florida Kayak Anglers that provides kayak anglers with tournaments, community and resources for kayak fishing. It has grown greatly since then providing 6 to 7 tournaments a year for anglers to fish. Being a huge competitor as well, Tyler fishes these tournaments and loves establishing life long friendships with the other anglers. Any chance he can get to take out his Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal and be on the water, he takes it. Anyway he can help others maximize their time on the water and spread the word about kayak fishing he will. He is very blessed to be a part of the Jackson Kayak family.

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