Leanne Bernier

Name: Leanne Bernier

Business: OutFit Training: Fitness training and customized mountain adventures
Age: 35
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Hometown: White Mountains, New Hampshire, but my roots are in Maine
Favorite Rivers/Drops: Upper Pemigewasset, Sawyer River’s House Rapid, Kennebec and Penobscot, Gulf Hagas, Madison Wave and Lachine Rapids, 
Fun fact: I knew I wanted to be a whitewater kayaker when I was 8, but was never able to convince anyone to send me to kayaking camp or buy me one for Christmas, despite asking every year and leaving camp flyers around the house. I fought to get involved with the sport. I found a high school with an outing club with Sunday trips on Maine rivers in the spring, in old fiberglass boats with no outfitting, and ancient wetsuits. Another student taught me to roll. On our senior class trip we went rafting on the Kennebec and I knew that the industry was my way in. The following spring I got my Maine Whitewater Guide license and started borrowing kayaks, until at last I had my first boat and video boating job to go with it.
Why I love Kayaking: I like how the sunlight shines of the churning froth and waves and makes the world look bright and sparkly. I like being scarred, focused, elated, and completely in the moment. I like the rad, awkward, dorky, cool, unique, badass and out of the box people I meet kayaking. I like watching the students I coach at the White Mountain School overcome their fears, support each other and grow more confident.