Billy Harris

Name:  Billy Harris

DOB: 2/26/74

Hometown: Beachburg, Ontario, Canada

Favorite Place to Paddle: Garberator, Ottawa River.

Accomplishments: 13 year Veteran of the Canadian Freestyle Team, 5x Canadian Freestyle Champion, 2,5,7th, 10 at the World Kayak Championships,  2nd at Pre-World Kayak Championships, Published Author.

Playboat: I have to say the Super Star. (keeping a very very close eye on the new Rock Star in carbon……… oh my)

Creek-boat: Villian

Crazy Fact About You: There is nobody in this world I can’t teach how to kayak, roll, play, river run or compete.

Why Billy Loves Kayaking: I love kayaking because it sets me free.  There are a great many things in the world that I find to be out of my control.  When I am in a kayak that changes.  I can focus, I can breath, I can forget outside stresses.  You can wonder all day long, is this is a good idea, or that is a good idea.  But when you peal out of the last eddy above a drop.  Or tap into a loop, your decision is final.  I like that, actually I love that, and next to my wife, I love it more than anything in the world.

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