David Silk

Name: David Silk 

DOB: 8/16/98

Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut

Favorite Place to Paddle: Tariffville, Ottawa, Pigeon, Dryway

Accomplishments: 5th Place Jr. Nationals 2013, 2nd Tariffville Triple Crown Mens Freestyle 2013, Junior Olympic East Champion 2 years running (2012/ 2013)

Playboat: 2014 Rockstar M

Creekboat: Karma M

Crazy Fact about You:  When I was little I was super into birds (I wanted to be an ornithologist, some one who studies birds!)

Why I love Kayaking: It gets you places and introduces you to people you’d otherwise never meet.  I’ve met paddlers from all over the world thanks to boating, and gone to places I’d otherwise never go.  It’s also a great rush!


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