Diane Gaydos

Name: Diane Gaydos

DOB: July 11th

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Favorite Place to Paddle: Pretty much anywhere with fun rapids and beautiful scenery!


Feather Fest Tobin Race 2012, 2010, 2009: 1st Women’s

CaliBurn Fest 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008: 1st Women’s

American River Fest Rodeo 2012: 1st overall

Brush Creek Race 2011: 4th Women’s

Cherry Creek Race 2010: 1st Women’s

Collegiate Nationals Freestyle 2007: 3rd Women’s, 2006: 1st Women’s

Reno River Festival Freestyle 2007, 2006: 5th Women’s Pro

Davenport Surf Festival 2007: 1st Women’s high performance

Favorite Boats: Karma M and Rockstar M

Crazy Fact About You: I am about to graduate medical school and still paddle nearly 100 days per year.

Why Diane Loves Kayaking: It’s my stress reliever. Nothing melts away the stresses of life like being in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your kayak, some food, and great friends.


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