Hilde Schweitzer

Name: Hilde Schweitzer

DOB: 6/1/51

Hometown: Coloma, California

Favorite Place to Paddle: Grand Canyon

Accomplishments: Over 3 decades of guiding people in rafts, paddle boats, and kayaks on the Grand Canyon.   Currently working on hydro relicensing representing private boater interests on dewatered reaches; completed the Upper American River Project and now working on the Middle Fork American relicense.

Playboat: Star-preferably with some pink in it

Creekboat: Hero and VillainS-ditto on the color scheme

Crazy Fact About You: Most money made in one day: $550 (River safety for movies and commercials) Least amount of money made in one day: $0 (Hydro relicensing work) The amount of work required is inversely proportional to what I made.

Why Hilde Loves Kayaking: Anyone who has ever kayaked knows why I love it.  To anyone who has never kayaked; Get yourself in a Jackson kayak and find out for yourself.

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