Jessica Yurtinus

Name:   Jessica Yurtinus 

DOB:  Sept 14

Height:  5’5″

Favorite Places to Paddle:
My hometown Truckee River, Pauley Creek, Ottawa River, White Nile

Rockstar S

Hero, occasionally Villian S

Orthopedic/sports physical therapist for over 10 years; Team physical therapist for the USA Freestyle Kayak team;  5th place Nationals at Kelly’s Whitewater Park; highest scoring ride of the event at Lyon’s Outdoor Games 2011;  4th place 2010/2011 Lyon’s Outdoor Games; 1st place in the Reno River Festival open competition

Crazy Fact about Me:
I own a HUGE red van which can easily fit 15 people and their boats.  I play the harmonica while on the road because it annoys my dog who is able to open zippers to find and eat food. Also. . . I was  once “red flagged” by TSA for too much travel.

Why I love kayaking?
Kayaking has taken me all over the country,  the world, and to some of the most remote places.  I have met the best people and my best friends on rivers.  It is a constant challenge and there is always something to work/improve on.  Plus. . . it’s super fun.

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