Ken Hoeve

Name: Ken Hoeve

DOB:  Leo

Hometown:  Gypsum, Colorado

Favorite Place to SUP:  The Colorado River

Favorite SUP Wave: Glenwood Springs wave

Accomplishments: Winner of 2012 SUP Sessions, Clear Creek kayak race, Winner of
2011 Royal Gorge Whitewater festival.
Wave Board: SUPerCharger

Down River Board: I like to fish so its the SUPerFishal!

Crazy Fact About You: I once dove thru a 2nd story window to escape an armed gunman after being held hostage.
What you love about SUP’ing: The ease of use. Just a board and a paddle and some water. Jump on and cruise. River, Ocean, lake. I call it “Stand where you can” And nothing beats it for fishing. So easy to get to spots that are nearly impossible in a motorboat and the standing position is far better to see and fight fish from.

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