Maddie Kimmel

Name: Maddie Kimmel

Nicknames: Madz, Maddie Cakes, Paddle’n Madeline

Height: 4.7ft.

Hometown: I have no hometown because my dad was in the military. But, I was born in California and I have lived in three countries.

DOB: 3/04

Favorite place to paddle: (I do not have a favorite place, I cannot choose just one) Ottawa River, Little Falls on the Potomac , Lower Yough


  • 5th place at the NOC Freestyle competition
  • 4 medals in Potomac Slalom
  • Surfed Phil’s on the Ottawa river (sometimes not on purpose)
  • Improved my slalom time from last year by 80%
  • Ran the main channel on the Ottawa river
  • I learned how to loop, spin, handroll, and backdeck roll
  • And more counting!!!

Playboat : Shooting Star

Creekboat: Side Kick

Crazy fact about Maddie: I love to play in the whirlpools and the best part is when my boat and I get sucked under.

Why Maddie likes to kayak:  I love being out on the water and in the big waves but the best part is when you get wet.


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