Ruth Gordon

Name:  Ruth Gordon Ebens

Nickname: Ruddy, RGiddy, Rooster

DOB: 3/23

Hometown: Born and raised in Burnstown, Ontario, Canada but currently reside in Reno, NV

Favorite Place to Paddle: Big water anywhere: the Ottawa, the White Nile, the Futa etc. But you’ll also find me with a big smile on creeks, lakes and the ocean too.


2007 Freestyle Kayaking World Champion

2009 Freestyle Kayaking Silver Medalist

2011 Freestyle Kayaking Bronze Medalist

5 x Canadian National Champion

Playboat: Star

Creekboat: Villian S

Why Ruth Loves Kayaking:  It has provided me with a vehicle for seeing the world. Growing up in a small town I had no idea what awaited me beyond 100 miles, let alone in a different country! After visiting most of the continents I can confidently say the perspective from the water is unsurpassed.

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