Sage Donnelly

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Name: Sage Donnelly

Age:  19

Height:  53

Weight:  130 lbs.

 Favorite Boats: Rockstar S and Zen S

Favorite Rivers: Grand Canyon and Brush Creek, North Fork of the Payette- Upper, Middle, and Lower 5

Crazy Fact About Sage: She has 8 Pet Snakes!

 Accomplishments: Jr. Womens World Freestyle Champion, K1 and C1 Senior and Junior Slalom Teams, 2014 Female Paddler of the Year, Ran whole 15 miles of the North Fork of the Payette(Upper, Lower, Middle). Sage also is a type 1 diabetic with celiac and thyroid disease and wants everyone to know that you can still go big no matter what is trying to keep you down!

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