Auburn river fest 2011 AWESOME

The 2011 Auburn river fest was one of my favorite events so fa in my entire life.
I never felt so local and welcome, home….
The Rock Star was the #1 favorite boat to paddle in this event Cris Zawachi, Ben etc.. they love it , fast and loose on the wave.
All my friends from Ca was there including Ben Stoks, Jason Craig, and one of my best friends and one of my favorite kayaker to paddle with Taylor.
Keith Scott was there too and she was on fire this event JES…., Charlie Center joined us too and Bryan Tooper was injured so he could not paddle, so they decide use Charlie and Bryan as judges.
Wave was big awesome , Justin Pat got a epic ride and got it! I’ve been putting my energy in my big tricks and unfortunaly i flushed in my ride and got #6.
Was just awesome be able to paddle with my friends and have fun, help the Jason Crag program, join the bbq etc….
Hope you guys enjoy the pics
David Stefan

Comments on “Auburn river fest 2011 AWESOME”

  1. Ben Waxman
    July 27, 2011 at 2:07 am

    Hey hey David! Hope you are doing well! It was great meeting you at the festival. Nice post! You should email me your contact info so we can get on the water sometime.


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