USA Freestyle Nationals & Junior Olympics…

From Plattling, Germany to the pristine clear warm water of Cascade, Idaho. The picture changed slightly but the challenges live on. In the Jackson Kayak RV we headed off to Kelly’s Whitewater Park for the US National Championships. The warm weather and 4th of July fireworks celebrations made for great times. With the vendors set up and the music pumping it was time for the competition to begin. My first event was K1 freestyle; I had a lot of fun in this event. It was held at lower hole which was super friendly and easy to surf, but still created opportunities to get big air and throw down. I placed 3rd in the Junior Women which wasn’t as well as I would have liked in this event but good times never the less.
Next up were two new disciplines for me… OC1 and C1. I have never dropped into a feature in a C1 before, let alone ever been in an OC1, so it was understandable that I was slightly nervous dropping into the top feature… a massive trashy hole with a small green shoulder on surfers right. First ride I decided to play it safe and just catch the green shoulder to set up, but I didn’t get enough upstream speed and just washed right through. So second ride I decided to man up and drop into the mess… this time I made it in and stayed but my entry was followed by a good beating which involved me smashing the crown of my nose into the big cockpit rim and coming out looking like a bloody unicorn. But it was all well worth it, next time I think I will train for this discipline slightly.

In the end I placed 3rd for OC1. My final event was C1 and with the crowd cheering me on I dropped into the hole with an entry move followed by clean spins on the green shoulder and shocked everyone. C1 was the most fun for me. I placed 2nd in C1.

After celebrations and the medal ceremony we were headed off to Lyons, Colorado for the next event… Whitewater Junior Olympics.

The Whitewater Junior Olympics involved a different event each day and was represented by athletes from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Day 1 was sprint slalom. This was a nine-gate slalom course.

1st C2 Mixed with J.P. Griffith

2nd C1 Junior Women

2nd K1 Junior Women

Day 2 was Sladeo. An event that combines slalom and rodeo, where you race down a short slalom course in freestyle boats, doing tricks along the way to remove time from your total.

1st Junior Women

Day 3 was Freestyle. This was held at Black Bear hole.

1st Junior Women K1

1st = Junior Women C1

Day 4 was Down River. A race to be the fastest person down a 6mile stretch of the river.

1st Junior Women K1

Day 5 was Slalom. A full-length course was set up.

1st C2 Mixed with Adre

2nd C1 Junior Women

2nd K1 Junior Women

Day 6 was a fun style team Boater-cross where we were randomly assigned teams.

1st B round.

The Junior Olympics where great fun and I met loads of amazing new people. I had a great time and placed second highest score overall out of the women. A big congratulations to fellow team Jackson member Sage for having the highest overall women’s score! Thanks so much to all the competitors for making the event so much fun!


Comments on “USA Freestyle Nationals & Junior Olympics…”

  1. Dan Gallagher
    August 29, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Congratulations on all the medals. The Payette River at Kelly’s Whitewater Park continues to thunder through, at about half the flow as the nationals.
    Hope to host them again in the future.
    Cheers – Dan Gallagher – Kelly’s Whitewater Park

  2. Deon
    August 31, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Sweet little Kiwi. Good to see you rippin it up all over the show. Keep on keepin on little bud.

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