Gauley Fest and GAF

After just a couple of days in Rock Island, I found myself back on the road again. Dane and I headed out to the Famous Gauley River in West Virginia to make the most of the scheduled releases. The Gauley River is well known for being crowded with rafters, kayakers, and other recreational watercrafts, and is infamous for its gnarly undercut rocks. Dane and I made the most of every release, paddling down in our small Rockstars and enjoying the great play spots along the way such as Geeks, Bat wave, Hungry mother and Sweets.
The Gauley River also features some fun, big water rapids… Pillow, Iron curtain, Iron ring and Sweets. It is a long day out on the water but never gets boring, as there is always something exciting to do.
When there was a break in the releases for a couple of days, I went off to the Upper Yough for some fun creeking with fellow Jackson Team member Kat Levitt. Then it was time to come back for Gauley Festival. Gauley Fest is American Whitewater’s largest fundraising event. All proceeds from the festival support American Whitewater’s river conservation and access works throughout the nation. Kristine and Emily arrived and we set up the booth and went paddling. The Jackson booth was the life of the party with a free BBQ dinner, Kegs, “Jackson Kool-Aid” and the annual swagger giveaway from the roof of the RV that ended in Two brand new Jackson Kayaks being given away!

After Gauleyfest it was off to GAF (Guest Appreciation Festival) at the Nantahala Outdoor Centre. This event includes the biggest kayak and gear based garage sale you will ever see! Here we sold boats for the store and used gear from the trunk of the car. It went off well with warm weather and a lot of happy customers. We also got the opportunity to paddle on the feature where World Championships will be held in 2013! I also got the opportunity to paddle with some awesome kids and catch up with friends from earlier in the year.

Thanks so much to everyone who paddle with me! And goodluck with the rest of your adventures!

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