Kilroy Was There – Trout Float in New Hampshire

I recently had the pleasure of joining the folks from Heliconia Press and Grey Ghost Productions to showcase some of the great trout fishing in New Hampshire. The North Woods are chock full of great trout streams, and our visit was timed perfectly with the alder fly hatch – a wonderful 2 week period in late June where big bugs cover the water, and all the trout are looking up for easy meals.

The river of choice, the renowned Androscoggin, the kayak of choice, the Kilroy. The ‘Andro’ is a river perfectly suited to the Kilroy with fairly mild water, flat sections, some mellow whitewater, places to drift and fish, places to wade and fish, etc. On the flats, it was easy to paddle back upstream and get multiple shots at rising fish, in the mild whitewater and pocket water, it was really fun to fire big dry flies in every little eddy you could hit, waiting to see the water erupt with a big mouth eager to take your fly, or eddy out and wade small sections on foot.

In the photo below you can see a great GoPro shot capturing the moment of a nice brook trout rising out of one of those eddies and taking the fly.


Many trout came to hand before being released back into the river they call home. Sometimes too many bugs can be a mixed blessing and your fly gets lost in the mix, and the trout take rest breaks with full bellies. There were highs and lows, but the fishing remained fairly steady throughout the day, with noses clearly popping up everywhere.


The weather for the day started bright and sunny. This has been the summer of storms though, and as the day went on and clouds grew darker, we knew we would be getting wet. By afternoon, the skies opened up, but the fish didn’t care. Dry fly fishing in the rain is always a treat!

The day ended in mosquito attack in a downpour, but there were smiles all around. The versatility of the Kilroy really shined through, with speed helping attain back up the flat stretches, a balanced and nimble hull maneuvering through bouldery whitewater riffles with ease, and organization to keep everything where I wanted it – handy, but out of the way.

Where will the Kilroy take you?

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