Kayak Fishing with Man’s Best Friend

Few things are more enjoyable to me than slipping away in my Jackson Kayak with my dog Rusty for a fishing adventure. I say adventure, because it is always an adventure with a hyper jack russell terrier in your kayak. It wasn’t alway smooth, but we worked the kinks out and really enjoy time together on the water.

His energy level can be tough to deal with sometimes, but he does understand the task at hand. He knows when we get in the kayak that we are after fish, and he is often as into the outcome as I am. I get a kick out of him watching me work a lure or getting excited when he hears the sound of drag on a reel. Most dogs are like their owners, and Rusty is as into catching fish as I am.

Dogs are just like people, they like to get out and experience new things. Seeing how happy my dog Rusty gets when we kayak fish makes it all worth while, regardless of whether or not we have a successful fishing outing. However, he will whine if the action is slow and he is tired of waiting to smell each fish we catch.

Rusty is a terrier with a very high energy level. Like most terriers, he has no fear, and will often push it to the limit as to how crazy of a position he can take in the kayak with me. Often times we fish rivers, and they greatly challenge his balance, but you would be amazed at how he can ride in a kayak. This is a testament to the incredible stability of all Jackson Kayaks.

I take Rusty fishing with me in all of my Jackson fishing vessels. The Big Tuna, Cuda 12, Coosa, and SUPerFISHal are all great fits for small to medium dogs. He likes the Big Tuna the best, because when I have it rigged solo he has a ton of deck room to move around. The unbelievable stability is maintained even with a hyper dog jumping back and forth.

I would encourage all of you dog owners to give it a try. It takes patience, but once you work out all the kinks, having your dog in your kayak with you is a lot of fun. I bought Rusty a dog PFD for when we are paddling rough rivers, and often times I will tether him to the kayak in case he goes overboard I can easily pull him back in.

Be warned though, your dog may become as addicted to kayak fishing as you are. You should see how my dog acts if I go anywhere near my PFD. He runs right to the door barking and making sure I do not leave him behind. Kayak fishing with your dog can take a little work. Start them off young, as it will be easier to incorporate them into your kayak fishing adventures that way. If you don’t have that luxury, it just takes a little extra effort, time, patience and adjustment, but it has definitely been worth it to Rusty and I!

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