Top Ten Gear Picks for the Mighty Nile River in Uganda

Emily’s Top Ten Gear Picks for Uganda!
Going paddling in a warm weather climate? Or just thinking about spring paddling that is soon to be here? My recent trip to Uganda reminded me of a few things I simply cant live without. (okay maybe I could live, but my trip or paddling wouldn’t be the same without it)


Warm weather paddling can be hot in dry tops. Luckily Kokatat makes one with no rubber gaskets but with a simple neoprene like “loose fit” gasket that keeps most water out, but breathes better then the full dry tops. This is my go to for any warm water paddling. If you are planning on paddling somewhere hot- I recommend checking this out!


I love having photographs form all my adventures! I spend a lot of time on the water so having a camera that is water proof but gives high end images as well as video is a big plus. The new Hero 4 has a touch screen on the back so I can easily review the images I have taken without having to Bluetooth to my phone. While in destinations I found this key as I didn’t have to use my phones battery to check out my images.


Sun protection that I could actually live in! Seea Montara Top is loose, comfortable, keeps me cool and has a super stylish print. This combined with their Surf Leggings was my go to for the entire trip. I am so excited that this company is MADE IN THE US and that they are durable to last through the extra wear and tear paddling puts on equipment.


This is a new thing for me and I am nothing short of impressed. Having made a recent switch I was nervous about the transition but I have to say we pushed these paddles hard in Uganda, haven’t broken one yet, BUT that was part of Werners reputation so I had high expectations. The big thing for me that I was unaware of is the paddles flotation. I love big water so for me, if I drop or lose a paddle it is very important that I can spot it in the whitewater and chase after it.


I like to play in the water all day long so having a good skirt to keep water out is key. When visiting warmer climates for kayaking I know I wont be getting out of the river due to being cold. I certainly don’t like to get out of my boat to empty water, so I use Snap Dragons Bungee Armortex Skirt. If you have any doubts in their dryness be sure to try one of their skirts in a smaller size. Many purchase the skirts too big, making them less ideal.


Great sun protection, stylish and reasonably priced. I found their variety of styles and polarized lenses to be quite accommodating. My favorites right now are the Low-Downs in Matte-White.


My Seal Line shoulder bag has been a life-saver during my travels. With an easy clip for shutting the bag plus being water resistant. I know that I am keeping my electronics safe and sound. It has several zip pockets and one 100% waterproof pocket. It is also functional enough that I have completely replaced my computer bag at home with it and now use it 24/7.



Recently renamed Toad and Co from Horny Toad- my Chakalaka Skirt is a go to. I wear it with a swim suit, with a nice top out to dinner, sometimes I even sleep in it! In Uganda showing your thighs is very indecent, so it important to wear clothing that goes past your knees. So for me this skirt comes with me each time!


9 and 10) Goal Zero Solar Panels and Flip Charge Sticks

I didn’t need to go anywhere to charge my phone, ipad or go pros- ONCE. I was there for twenty days and used each of those electronics EVERY day. I was amazed. My Nomad 7 Solar panels with my flip charge sticks plugged in, would charge while I paddled. So when I get home I would un plug the flip stick, plug in my usb cord and charge my Go Pro within a half hour. Dumb-founded!!!! I was so happy with this system that I ended up allowing everyone on the island to come use my panels to charge their items as well. The ease of the system has made me purchase panels for the roof of my RV.

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