Coosa HD First Impression, First Slime

I finally got the chance to break in my Coosa HD last week, and I have to say, that is the most incredible fishing kayak I have ever been in. There is so much fishability to this boat. Every strike and hook set you make, the boat stays where you want it. It can handle the smallest creeks to the biggest lakes and even bays, this kayak can take on any water and any fish thrown at it. This boat is designed to get you to your fishing spot quickly and perform on a top-notch level that you have to experience o realize just how great it is. The guys at Jackson Kayak have created a real winner with this one! This boat is based on the original Coosa but made exponentially better hence the “HD” in the name. This kayak is such an ease to paddle and is a fishing brute, you almost forget you’re in a kayak because it is so comfortable with the new elite seat and the stability is incredible. It would be the hardest decision of my life to try and pick a different kayak over the Coosa HD. I finally got to slime it for the first time last week. I had paddled across the lake and had a nice spot slam my buzzbait before my dad even got his HD in the water! He made it to me just in time to take a couple pictures. This was just a short trip but I got to see just how great this kayak fishes. I can’t wait to get my J-Krate loaded and chase some monster shoal bass next!


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