Training for Trials


With USA freestyle team trials coming up soon in June, I’ve really felt the need to get out to as many waves as possible to give myself the best chance to make the Junior team, as this will be the last World Championships I can compete in as a junior. I have some stout competition to face up to, such as Alec and Hayden Voorhees, Jacob Walker, Brody Kellogg, and many other awesome junior paddlers. This has meant some awesome experiences, such as taking a month long trip to Uganda, but now I’ve been back home for awhile and don’t leave again for another week. Home for me is Connecticut- not exactly known as the land of big waves or high volume rivers. Sometimes we get lucky when rivers get crazy high and get some of the best waves I’ve ever surfed less than an hour from my house, but thats pretty rare and hasn’t happened yet this year. What did come in, however, was a small wave on the Connecticut River called Wavosaurus. It’s about a two foot wave, pretty flat, with a lot of foam. But when it’s the only wave in town.. it’s awesome! Just about every wave trick can be thrown on it, as long as you stay for out on the shoulder and avoid the shallow hole. Not only this, but I think practicing on a small, non-ideal feature like this can actually be the best thing for your skills. If you can airscrew or blunt on a tiny feature with very little bounce, chances are you can do it no problem just about anywhere! I can’t wait to head out for tour and get some bigger waves in, but until then… wavosaurus is the place to be! Check out this quick video of Wavo in the carbon MurkyWater Rockstar-

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