Gore Canyon of the Colorado: video

Gore Canyon is one of Colorado’s more famous runs, with big water, class 5 rapids and now a play park? It almost doesn’t sounds like the previous sentence makes sense, but you read it right, the famous Gore Canyon is now also home to a great play park at the pump house takeout. It has been known that play parks have been popping up all over the state of Colorado for the past decade, though this is the first of my knowledge to have one at the takeout of a creek.

Gore Canyon made for a perfect day for me, I was able to meet up with some new friends, run a personal new river, and get in a play boating session all in the same day. This seemed liker the perfect combination and might just be something that we will start to see more. Paddlers will start having to travel with both boats from now on, a creek boat and play boat.

Check out a little edit from the day with both some GoPro footage of the Gore Canyon run and a freestyle finish to my day. I can’t wait to get back.

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