Big Wave Surfing in Coal Country: Wister Wave


Hidden away in Eastern Oklahoma, not too far from the Arkansas border, sits a town called Heavener. I think they got the spelling wrong though, because to me, it feels a lot more like Heaven. Why? Drive a few minutes North and you will find a fast, friendly 6-8 foot wave unrivaled by any within a 500+ mile radius. Wister Lake Dam blocks flow to a short flood control channel leading into the Poteau River. When the flood control pool starts filling up, keep an eye on the gauge webpage ( because it’s about to go down!


The wave not only has a huge eddy feeding back to the wave for 50 yards, it also has FREE CAMPING, you heard me, FREE CAMPING less than 30 feet away! Watch for release levels between 5000-7000 cfs. In this range the wave features a great surfer’s right shoulder and a retentive pile in the center. There is also a very fun window in the low 4000’s where an INCREDIBLE shoulder on surfer’s left comes in giving up HUGE air.


Anyone in the area should get their Rockstars and tents loaded up because as of RIGHT NOW the lake is higher than it has been all year and should be releasing at the perfect level over the next few weeks.



Be sure to get in on the surf of a lifetime!

PS be sure to harass STEPHEN WRIGHT so that he posts some of our awesome footage from earlier this spring.

Keep your paddles wet,

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