First Tournament with CKA Boys at Shearon Harris Reservoir

Shearon Harris Reservoir, one of the best lakes in North Carolina, is known for having monster bass. I was very excited to fish this event because it was my first tournament with the CKA (Carolina Kayak Anglers) and it was my first time on the legendary Shearon Harris Reservoir. Going into this event I didn’t have time to pre-fish lake, so I was fishing blind and hoped I could figure out those big bass into biting.


When we got there that morning a fog blanketed the lake and made it very difficult to see where you were paddling. And with the lack of practice I didn’t know where to start because all I have seen of the lake was from Google Earth and photos from others. I managed to paddle into a small pocket, and started fishing the shallow shore grass. An hour into the tournament the fog cleared away allowing me to see the true beauty of this lake.


I fished hard for six hours and got one bite, but broke the fish off in a laydown. After that loss i didn’t get another bite, so I knew I had to change something up. I have been fishing shallow most of the tournament hoping I could find a couple fish shallow, but it lead to nothing. While I was paddling back to a pocket I fished earlier, I saw two guys on a bass boat catch three bass deep off a main lake point. I told myself I would check that point in the last couple hours.


Time went by and still had not got a single bite, so I went to the same point as those guys on the boat. As soon as I went over the point I could see fish suspended in ten feet, but over in twenty-five feet of water. I knew there were fish in the area, so I tied on Shane’s Baits Alabama Rig, and started fishing. I let it sink for ten seconds, then started reeling hoping it would hit those suspended fish. After the first couple cast, BANG, a fish hits it. It was so deep didn’t know what kind of fish it was, I thought it was a striped bass or a catfish, but when I finally came to the surface, I saw it was one of those Shearon Harris monsters. That fished weighted just around seven pounds, and had the length of 22.25 inches.



In the next couple of cast I hit a smaller bass that was 16.75 inches. That was the last fish I caught in the tournament. I finished 11th place out of 61 anglers with two fish measuring at 39 inches. Overall it was a great event just wished I could have got my last fish to fill my limit, but it’s fishing not catching.


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