Bennett Smith 2015 Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials

Wow! What a great summer it has been so far. I just recently got back from the Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials in Colorado, and what a fun time! I devoted most of my free time this year to learning and perfecting as many wave tricks as I could in preparation for team trials. Despite my practice, I narrowly missed the team by about 100 points. Even though I didn’t make it, all the practice and work was worth it. I have dramatically improved my freestyle kayaking skills on a wave and am looking forward to putting them to the test in competitions in years to come! Until then, I am going to continue practicing and having fun on the water!

Here is my best ride from team trials. It had all the tricks I had planned to do in it (unfortunately I couldn’t pull out the same ride in finals!). I surfed out of the wave with time left on the clock. I thought I heard the final whistle!

See you on the water!

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