Day 1 and 2 at Outdoor Retailer – Jackson Kayak Unveils New 2016 Kayaks! (Video too)


Each year at this time the industry does a restart at the annual Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.  Yep, OR is once again upon us.  Last year the slate for Jackson Kayak was filled with about 7 or 8 new products for our reps and marketing folk to tout; this year theres 14!  Yep, we’ve been busy.  Many thanks to our design team around the legendary Tony Lee and David Knight, our booth here is chalk full of new innovation and exciting paddling possibility.  Where do I start?

Karma Traverse
The Karma Traverse is our new generation of crossover boat.  As the name implies, the Traverse has inherited the shape of our speedy Karma and lines a bit more towards a whitewater savvy boat with enough Karma speed and a new skeg design for the flats.  An increased rocker, narrower bow, bumped up stern for more storage room and the uni-shock bulkhead, this new all water craft will not be something you’re used to seeing in this category.

The talk of our booth this year and the most popular kayak on the demo day was the new Jackson Kayak Skipper, our new kids fishing kayak.  Wow.  With a 9 foot length, narrower seat and all the bells and whistles the adults get, the Skipper isn’t your ordinary “child boat”, its a fully loaded fishing machine that puts your child at the same fishing level as any other kayak in our fleet.  Empower your youth, check the Skipper out!!

Kilroy DT (Delta Tango)
As the name implies, it takes two to tango!  This new edition of the popular Kilroy model is Jackson’s next tandem offering.  With LOADS of space in this new sit in kayak, tandem teams can head out in comfort and convenience for a day of fishing.  Taking out one of the seats leaves you with an amazing solo kayak for both fishing and hunting.  If you remember the Daytripper, this is like that in the sense that its the perfect pick up truck for carrying goods and gear on those long multiday outings or simply for taking the dog out for a paddle.

Kraken Configs
Jackson Kayak has unveiled the little sister of the Kraken 15.5, the Kraken 13.5.  A full two feet shorter (yes, I do math) and maintaining much of its width, this new speedy big water kayak is now more maneuverable than ever.  It again was one of the most popular testing subjects at the demo day.  The Kraken 15.5 will now have three editions, the standard edition delivered as we do other kayaks (no krate, ammo can etc.), the Kraken 15.5 Elite will be configured like the 2015 Kraken with some extras and the Kraken 15.5 Pro will come with some electronic bells and whistles including a bait pump and tank system as well as Raymarine’s latest fishfinder!

LT editions
With the success of the Cuda LT, Jackson has gone farther into the thermoformed world releasing a few new editions of their LT line.  At OR we are showing off the new Kilroy LT as well as the new Kilroy Realtree LT Edition.  The LT sheds between 10 and 15 lbs off of their rotomolded twins and provides a surprisingly increased speed as friction levels are way down with the smooth plastic.

Orion Coolers
Can’t say enough about how Orion Coolers stacked in both corners of our booth are garnering attention.  We are the real deal here at OR with this new offering.  Bomber insulation, amazingly logical features and funky new colors are just some of the things that have our reps chatting all day.

Our Partners
Many of our partners are here and many have been gracious enough to bring a kayak or cooler into their booths.  Not many corners can be turned in this massive show without seeing a cooler or kayak.  Awesome.  I’d like to thank them all!

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