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For those of you looking at the Cuda series boats for inshore saltwater, this review is for you. I will say that there are Pro’s and con’s for each of the boats in this line up and hopefully this review will help you decide if the Cuda LT is the right choice for you.

The very first thing I noticed about this boat was the high gloss finish and 2-tone color scheme. It is a welcome change that has a very nice appeal. It’s not anything like the matte finish of most single-color kayaks on the market. Upon closer inspection I got to see all the new additions to this boat that separate it from the other Cudas.


First off, it has the new hatch cover light. I think this is great addition for many and allows for low light gear changes and modifications. One of the worst things in the world is to have a baitcaster foul up in the dark and not be able to see well enough to fix it. Personally I don’t do a lot of night fishing. However I am always launching before daylight. I found that this light makes a great 360 degree light in a DIY PVC light pole that I will talk about in another article. The gear tracks are my favorite customization add-on. They make customizing a snap. From Camera poles to rod holders to fishfinders and anything else in between. The center hatch also comes with an insert. On my previous kayak, the Cuda 12, I had to come up with some pretty interesting ways of keeping my gear from sliding around inside the hull of the boat. I also noticed that here are fewer scuppers and they are not oval shaped like my old Cuda 12. The old style oval scuppers were not very cart friendly as most scupper cart arms would not sit vertically in them causing undue stress on the scupper area. The smaller diameter round scuppers of the LT fit the cart arms perfectly.


The very first time I loaded this boat into the back of my truck I realized how much weight differential there was between the old Cuda and this sleek rendition. I like to move between put-in spots depending on how the current spot is producing. This means I typically load and unload my kayak into the back of my truck while fully loaded. That used to be a chore with the 12 footer. I was actually amazed at how easy the LT was to pick up. I was able to shoulder the bare kayak with ease. Another great change made is the bow and stern handles. Now that they are fixed to the kayak the boat no longer tries to rotate while loading and unloading.


All of the features mentioned are great but I have to say that the magic really happened when this boat hit the water. It glides like a touring boat but has the maneuverability of a river boat without the need for a rudder. I can now paddle twice as far as I used to with the same amount of fatigue and I can definitely get there faster. In fact I am able to keep up the pedal guys with no problem. The inflatable lumbar support addition was a welcome relief when relaxing and scanning the water for fish working. I actually look forward to sitting in the the new 3.0 seat. Standing was just as easy as before although I noticed that the high gloss finish that makes this boat faster also makes the boat a bit looser while standing. I haven’t fallen out but it would seem that if you’re not paying attention it might get out from under you.


Overall I can already tell that this boat is my new dream boat. I primarily fish inshore saltwater in protected bays and rivers and I can tell you that this boat is going to dominate the coasts if it catches on.

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