The Last Battle part 2- Norway Kayak Fishing trip

The night was coming, we had decided to continue fishing for a bit and then head back to the camp to get some sleep. The water was very calm, we were right in the middle of the 24 hour calm the forecast had announced. I didnt have any other bait beside the already tattered coalfish I had used to catch the halibut. I didnt bother trying to catch new bait and just put the remains of the coalfish on the hook.

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Over the last 10 days our experience was that the halibut were very keen on fresh bait… only the freshly caught coalfish were successful. However, my last halibut took an old and stiff coalfish. I must confess that I was kindof hoping that no more bites would come, I was exhausted.

But it seemed that I was on a bite spree… Not even 10 minutes later I got another bite and the fight was even more exhausting than the last one. To cut a long story short: I had the halibut on the surface in around 30 minutes. First attempt to noose its tail failed, I was however feeling confident, the fish was tired and I gathered the last reserves of energy for the second attempt to noose it.

It didnt go as planned. The fish threw the noose and with what must have been the last remains of energy it bursted down towards the bottom. I wasnt paying attention to my rod and the tip hit my rod support… the faithful Moose rod rack upgrade. Here is an article about this feature.

The halibut broke me off… well deserved 🙂



After that we paddled back to the camp… we really needed some sleep. The next morning the sea was still very calm, the forecast did not change, we still had some 4 or 5 hours before the north western wind was supposed to start.

We packed the whole camp, everything went inside our kayaks. Before heading to the H spot Jakub lifted an improvised crab trap we made the day before… luckily for me the coalfish we used in the trap was still there. Lucky…

For the first hour I was desperately trying to catch a fresh coalfish to serve as bait but they did not seem to be around.

I paddled towards Jakub, he was more lucky and caught a baitfish and was now trying his luck on the sand dunes.

I asked him if he still had the old coalfish we used as crab bait. Yes, he still had it. On the hook it went.

This day I wanted to relax and enjoy the view, the rarely calm sea offered the opportunity to chill out. But the fish had another plan for me…

I didnt even finish rolling a cigarette when the rod bounced and I was hooked into another halibut. I fierce battle followed. I will let the photos tell the story.

After the fight I headed straight back to the lodge…. some 10km paddle was quite demanding. But the wind came in, as predicted, from the north west and I must admit that a few times I dozed off on the way to the lodge…

Our Norway trip was over, we accomplished what we came here for, in 2 kayak anglers we caught more halibuts that the whole lodge combined (some 4 or 5 motor boats). We are coming back, there are bigger ones waiting for us. But will need to upgrade my tackle 🙂


Come here you…


After 50 min battle the landing is even more physical than the fight before


The halibut is on the noose but still he bursts downward… 


I dont really know how long the tug war lasted


Finally the fish is tired


Good night Mr. Halibut… RAM Tube holders make a surprisingly handy fish whacker




Two days, two halibuts, plus one lost… good result

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