SUPerFISHal Versatility


When most people think of fishing from an SUP, the first thought that comes to mind is inshore flats fishing. Which makes sense because it is certainly where SUP fishing excels, however it is not limited to open flat water….especially in a Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal. The main reason I say that is because unlike most paddleboards the SUPerFISHal is roto-molded just like JK’s whitewater and fishing kayaks, which makes it extremely durable and opens up new SUP fishing locations.

I’ve taken the SUPerFISHal on several river floats easily cruising down class I and class II rapids with no problem at all, and again you don’t have to worry about damaging the board.

IMG_5578 2

I do enjoy the simplicity and versatility of SUP fishing, it can be just you and one fishing rod, or you can load it down with all the same gear you take on a regular kayak. I almost always set up my SUPerFISHal with an Orion 25 qt color and JKrate behind it. The cooler offers a place to sit and stand from when sight fishing.


I also primarily use a longer kayak paddle, something 250cm and up, like my Aqua Bound Carbon Surge 245-260 cm telescoping paddle (like in the first picture of this post). This way I can paddle the SUP while sitting on the cooler like a regular kayak, which I feel is a more efficient way to cover water on long days of fishing. Also with the longer paddle I can stand up and hold the paddle at one end and use it like an SUP paddle when I want or need to maneuver in a stealthier manner. With the stability of the paddleboard and the right length paddle I am able to stand on the cooler and pole around when sight fishing.


I really have enjoyed this style of fishing as it offers a huge and stable platform to fish from (open deck is great for fly fishing too) or to bring my dog along. It truly does open up a wide range of fishing options and is quickly becoming one of my favorite fishing vessels.


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