Fly fishing from kayak- Coosa HD standup fishing

For about one and a half seasons I often focus on fly fishing for pike from my kayak. At first I was fly fishing from the bank or wading but when I bought my first kayak I quickly switched to fly fishing from my brand new Coosa HD.

Unfortunately, my first kayak was not very stable, so I was casting only sitting down. Casting the fly line while sitting down works quite well with a little practice. I quickly realized, however, that I need a kayak, on which stand-up casting must be possible without any problems.

So my choice fell on the Coosa HD, its stability and capacity is, in my opinion hard to beat. This kayak is every fly anglers dream.


seitliches Stehen ist nach etwas Übung auch überhaupt kein Problem_compressed

Standing sideways is not a problem after a little practice

 After some learning from Fly Fisher Pro, practice standing sideways was no problem at all. By removing the removable panel, one obtains a much larger standing area, and a good spot for the stripping basket when paddling.

Fly fishing from kayak asks for a clean deck that the Coosa HD promptly provides, you need to minimize the possibility of tangling your line.


 Fly fishing at JKFO 2015 Sweden

Nach-Vorne-wirft-es-sich-in-den-meisten-Fällen-am-leichtesten_compressedThere are various places you can put your stripping basket, it is up to you, you can wear it on your body, put it on the flat deck of the Coosa HD or on the seat. I prefer wearing the basket on my belly, this minimizes tangles and is most convenient I think

After a little practice you can cast in various standing positions (eg sideways, forward or standing backwards in the direction of the seat).

I strongly reccomend to always have the drift anchor (drift chute) with you. It will help you slow down the drift resulting from wind. I also reccomend using a regular anchor. These two give you best options for you fly fishing, especially on well defined hot-spots, where you want to fish for some time.

Of course, not only the Coosa HD is suitable for fly anglers, other models such as the Big Rig, Big Tuna, etc. are excellent too. Even the Kraken is used by some for fly fishing while standing up!


You can also turn around on the kayak and fish in the opposite direction

In Fly fishing, as in any other technique, there are different personal prefferences for the right kayak. In my case, the right kayak for fly fishing is definitely the Coosa HD.
So if you consider fly fishing from a kayak my advice to you is to go to a local dealer of fishing kayaks and test as many kayaks as you can, to find the one that will be right for you.


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