Movember Classic

Often times, sunshine and warmth are the ideal conditions for a race.  However, at this years Movember classic, it was just nice to not have to break ice to get away from the start line.  On the flip side, I was still more that stoked to have put on my union suit and Kokatat Meridian drysuit before I left the house!

The Movember classic is an event, or a gathering of kayakers to help raise awareness and funds for the popular Movember movement.  Movember encourages the growth of moustaches to raise awareness for Men’s Health.  Kayakers joined together on the shores of the Ottawa on Saturday enjoying scattered snow fall and high spirits for the 4th annual Movember Classic.  To add some competition, the Movember Classic race features one of the longer courses out there; the entire length of the Ottawa River…


42 racers started in the parking lot, boats on shoulder, waiting for the 3.2.1. GO!  From Karma Unlimited’s and Long Boats, to Sea Kayaks and regular creek boats, this race featured all types of kayaks.  The race starts in the parking lot with boats, making the first part of the race a 100-yard dash with your kayak.  42 racers took off with the sound of kayak and excitement ensued as the rush began to get in the water.  Seth Ashworth and I pulled away from shore in the lead and didn’t look back for the rest of the day.  1 other team challenged and kept pace for the first 15 minutes as we lead in the pack in a train of 4 (Just like a bike race).  However, a misjudgment of lines, let Seth and I pull ahead.  From there, we listened to the motivational tunes provided by our UE BOOM’s and let our Unlimited’s carve through the long flats of the Ottawa’s middle channel.  Pulling into the takeout at just under 47 minutes, it was a relief to see the finish line beach, and have a good ol’ mug of the Hot chocolate that was waiting.   Seth and I hung out, surprisingly warm, and high fived other teams as they came in the receive there hot chocolate.  One racer mentioned, “even if it wasn’t a race out there, I’m not sure I would want to be on the river much longer than we were.” 11219046_10153615544486154_4645607356730760555_n

It was awesome to see so many people come out, despite the cold and support such a great cause to get that one last day on the river for this year.  Hot Coffee and Cold Beers ensued afterwards at the Whitewater Brewing Company as all racers relaxed and enjoyed one the best things about kayaking – the community.

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