One day paddling in DOWNTOWN Columbus, GA

I started my paddling career driving 3 hours to the city of Columbus, Georgia regularly to paddle with my friend Hunter Katich on the mighty Chattahoochee River. Columbus had just a short section of whitewater right beside the downtown area of the city. Over the past few years a lot of work has been done to make Columbus one of the most amazing whitewater destinations I have ever been to. The only problem was it was 3 hours from my home! Luckily nowadays I am in the middle of my first year in College at Auburn University and only 45 minutes away from the hooch. Here is a video from an average day at the Chattahoochee, showcasing just a small amount of what Columbus has to offer. I also included a video from the old days just for fun of us out paddling in Columbus. Did I mention the huge spotlights that turn on every night on the rapids now? Come check it out and paddle with us truly anytime of day!

Our Average Day out on the river:

Back in the Day on the Hooch:

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