Competitive Fishing

Competitive fishing is something I enjoy doing. Fishing your home waters is always fun but getting out there into tournament scene opens up a whole new playing field. You get to make new life long friends and best of all, fish new waters. Fishing in a tournament setting is totally different from just a regular day of fishing. The pressure and clock is always a constant reminder and it’ll either make you or break you.


When the clock is ticking, you have to make every cast and little adjustment count. With every cast I am already thinking about the next. Time is very crucial in a tournament, from the beginning till the very last minute can be a big factor in how you finish. I went the whole day without a bite in this one tournament. I was ready to pack it up and call it a day with two hours left to fish. A three fish limit in a tournament should be easy right?


The pressure definitely kicked in and I was feeling it. I gathered myself and made a few changes and kept on grinding it out. The water was stained and high and with one hour left before having to check in came a fury of fish. It was a small change I made that probably made a world of difference, a change in color. I was catching them pretty during practice and got real stubborn about it and stuck with what worked in practice. Don’t be afraid to make changes.


The 2015 River Bassin stop in Perry, GA was that tournament which turned into a grind for me with a fury of fish in the last hour. Finishing in 2nd place with 54.50 inches. With the kayak fishing tournament scene blowing up, I recommend giving them a try. It’s definitely made me a better angler fishing different types of waters and conditions.

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