A day on the Water with my Daughter

One of the best parts about any kind of fishing in todays hectic, electronic overload world is to share the experience with friends and family and to help foster a love for outdoor lifestyle in those you love lives.

My youngest daughter, Morgan has been playing competitive volleyball year round the last few years and after an April hip surgery she was told that she couldn’t jump or run the entire summer. While for her this was very difficult to hear and even harder to get thru she finally had a chance to get on the water with me. Before she began playing she loved to camp and fish but her demanding schedules kept her from those experiences the past few years.


A beautiful June day was a the perfect chance to change that and re kindle her love for the outdoors and get her hooked on Kayak Fly Fishing. The Cruise 10 is by far my favorite boat for teaching fly angling as the simplicity, stability and un cluttered deck area make it easy for the angler to focus on the fish and not flipping or snagging line as they learn the basics.


I set the Cruise up for her as simple as possible, a water bottle, whistle, PFD, paddle and Rod are all I send any beginner out with. I got Morgans’ rod rigged up while we discussed safety basics and once we were done and she had her PFD adjusted properly I eat her out for a quick lap on the lake without a rod to get a feel for the boat, the paddle and to gain confidence in the boat. Once she was done I paddled along side her and passed of the rod. I rigged her up with a basic indicator/nymph rig and she began to cast as we practiced n the shore. After a few drifts over my favorite spot and a few missed hits she set the hook and the fight began. i gave her space to get the fish to the boat and I rapidly paddled to her when she had it at the gunwale and I netter her first Rainbow trout on a fly and in a kayak! She was smiling from ear to ear and ready for more after we released her catch. I followed the same process for her next 2 fish then gave her a net so she could figure out netting and releasing her own fish. She caught 4 fish that day and is now always looking for opportunities to get out again, which we were able to do a few more times before she got released and is now back on the court.


I am very thankful for opportunities to get her on the water and look forward to more, hopefully someday Kayak Fly fishing can be something she does as much as I do and she will be able to share the love of the outdoor with others.

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