JK Soft Cooler

Recently I was lucky enough to try out the JKrate Soft Cooler. The JK Soft Cooler is made to fit inside of the JKrate, however it performs great as a stand-alone cooler. I filled the JK soft cooler on a Monday afternoon with 16 pounds of ice, 6 twelve oz. glass bottles, and 4 twenty oz. plastic bottles. The cooler held ice for about 48 hours, I was pleasantly surprised; mostly because of its price point, it is less than $100. I took the cooler out on my Coosa HD all day this past Tuesday and opened it several times throughout the fishing trip. Wednesday morning the cooler still had some ice in it, and by around 3:30 in the afternoon the ice had melted, however the water stayed cold until the next day. This soft cooler held its shape the entire time that I was using it, even after the ice had melted. This is a great cooler for a single day trip or an overnight, and it has 4 small plastic D rings that are mounted on the webbing that is stitched to the side of the outer fabric of the cooler. This cooler can also be used as a fish bag to keep your catch iced down until you get back to the campground or home. Basically this cooler is very versatile, whether you are hunting, fishing, tailgating, on a picnic, or just wanting to keep some food cold that you just bought from the grocery store, it should do the job with style.

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