10 months later…


On my birthday on March 12th I came across a large male Sheephead but was unable to get close enough to shoot him…

I did get him on GoPro though and the image of him swimming away has haunted my dreams since then…


I didn’t have my GPS with me on that day in March, but by using aerial maps and visual landmarks I took while on the water I made a mark on my GPS of where I thought I could find him again…

My good buddies Matt and Suzie Lopez from Red Triangle Spearfishing also sent me a 90cm Pathos Laser Open Pro gun to give me more range than the small 60cm gun that I had when I first saw him.

RTSNote OrionPathos

On December 27th I was finally able to get back to the area to look for him…

I met up with a great bunch of friends at the beach including last years NCKA Diver Of The Year Nelson Kwok, Adam Sauve, Matt Lopez, and Deke Jacobsen.

I knew if we all went to the spot together the chances of me being the first one to find the sheep were slim…so I got suited up quickly and launched out solo through the waves and made a bee-line to where I hoped to find him…

Ten drops later I found a nice big boulder, peeked around the corner and there he was….was prepared with my bigger Pathos 90 and popped him right by his left pectoral fin and the shaft went through his right gill plate and after a short tussle I brought him to the surface.

Very beautiful healthy 29.75 inch male and SO STOKED that I was able to find him and take him after almost 10 months of thinking about him!!

Did 110 more dives before I called it quits and managed to get two verms (17 and 19.25 inches), a smaller 22 inch female sheep, a nice cab, a yummy Ling, two olives and a chunky gopher.


All the fish fit great in my beautiful Orion 85 quart cooler!!

CoolorOfGoodness FishInOrion85

Here’s a quick vid:

Thanks for looking!



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