January GoPro Challenge

In my last post, I mentioned my goal for 2016 was to capture and edit video. The first part of January I spent researching and learning the features of the GoPro Hero 4 silver camera. I took the camera on a few short trips and caught some fish. However, I didn’t get any on camera. Being a rookie, I always missed the action. The camera was either turned “on” and I turned if “off” using the quick capture feature. Or it wasn’t focused correctly. I have several cool shots of my rudder. The cypress swamps near my home can be torture on gear and cameras. It’s very easy to knock the camera off station or in one case pull it from the boat…good thing I put a pool noodle on it! Finally, after a month I felt confident I had a good grasp of the power buttons and how to keep the camera in the kayak. It was time to take it fishing and I’m glad I did. The last week of January was good to me. Check out my first video from the GoPro challenge and see why.

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