Prepping for the New Year

I must admit, I’m a little jealous of all my brothers and sisters that get to kayak fish year round. Unfortunately, us northern folks are forced to take a break. Visions of Spring weather and big bass dance in our head. For most of us, we take advantage of the frozen water period by getting everything ready for the new open water season.



The following is my routine, I hope this helps. Usually in a normal year, I can fish until maybe mid November until it’s time to call it quits. I clear everything out of the Kilroy, put the cover on and enjoy talking the holidays off. Once we get into January the fire starts to burn. It is now time to get back to work! I believe the months of January and February are crucial to me having a great season.
1. Reflect and Relive
Think back to last year, what worked and what didn’t? What could you use, or add to make you better? Make a list.
2. Look Ahead
If you have any special trips or tournaments planned, where you might need something different or special, add that to your list.
3. Clean, Clear, Restock, & Reorganize
Time to clean up all your rods, reels, and tackle. This also includes, your kayak and camping gear. Clear out all the junk that accumulated over the year. Take inventory of what needs to be restocked or upgraded, and add that to the list. Don’t forget, after you’ve cleaned those reels, put on some fresh line! And have a plan to reorganize that tackle,  so when on the water, you can find what you need and be more efficient.
4. Hit Up the Boat and Outdoor Shows
Going through steps 1-3 we’ve been making a list of things we need. By hitting your local Outdoor Shows or Special Events, such ass the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic. You may be able to find items on your list on sale. Also don’t neglect the Seminars given by the local or national Pro’s. You might find additional techniques or advice or items that may help you this season.
5. Get Your Mind Right
This maybe the most important step of all! We are going to get rid of any negative thoughts from this point on. All  thoughts are gonna be on us successfully finding the fish, catching the fish, and winning!  Now that you have all your gear ready to start off the year, you can focus your attention to; Internet and map steady, travel information or plans, a game plan to travel, kayak, and camp safely and successfully!

Tight Lines & Have a Great Year & Don’t Forget That Lifejacket


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