Europe team 2015 video recap!

Jackson kayak had sponsored some of the top European athletes since the early years of the brand, but since 2 years now the team stepped up its game and there is so much talent our boats there! The team JK in Europe has over 62 team members today, covering the whole European continent.

This year for the first year, they gathered footage from all the team members to share all the best kayaking that had been done last year.

Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Norway, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Mexico, Canada… The Jackson Kayak team members have been all over the world to paddle the best white water!

Check out this epic edit that sum up all the main action, going through world class freestyle paddling in all type of feature and creek boating in the most gorgeous places!

JK team Europe 2015 from Dumoulin mathieu on Vimeo.

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