Why We Love Jackson Kayak!


We are an active family of seven, that loves the outdoors.  Camping, fishing, biking, hiking, and, of course, kayaking keep us on the run.  We are always seeking our next adventure.  Family is our focus, so we spend as much time together as we can.

When your out playing with your family, whether it’s large or small, you don’t have ti  me to worry about making your gear fit.  With children that range in age from 9-18 years old, proper gear that fits is essential.  We are constantly faced with the challenge of buying cheap kids gear that doesn’t last, or buying adult gear that doesn’t fit (and therefore doesn’t last).  There are so many families in the same boat.  It’s great to see Jackson Kayak fill the void and produce QUALITY boats with current designs, that FIT kids!


Carol and I began our family adventures in Flagstaff, Az.  We  learned early on that quality gear lasts.  I am sure our first kid carrier has 10,000 miles on it and is still going strong 3 families later.  Fast forward a a decade or so, and our motto for buying quality gear hasn’t changed.  We began kayaking 5 years ago.  Kayaking as a family has brought us closer together than ever before.   Early on we struggled to find boats that fit our growing family.  We tried old boats, small boats, large boats with a bunch of outfitting— even boats that came highly recommended….. All were just plain terrible.  It was the euphemistic kids screaming, dogs barking, lots of crying.  But really Mom and Dad were left wondering how in the world you start kayaking when your kids are small.

Jackson Kayak to the rescue!

We happened to be at the demo day that is held at NOC every spring.  There we met Emily Jackson and Courtney Kerin.  Our daughter Kathryn couldn’t find a boat that well.  Emily suggested we try the Little Hero.  We borrowed Courtney’s boat to see how it would work. Well, what do you know……It fit!  PERFECTLY!  It was like they actually made a boat to fit an 11 year old kid.  We were so excited, we bought one on the spot and we have been hooked on Jackson Kayak ever since.

As our family grew, we cycled out all of the make shift boats we had and now use Jackson boats exclusively.  Between whitewater and fishing boats, we are up to 15 kayaks.  We are experts at stuffing 8 boats on a Suburban and traveling for the weekend.

Our 9 year old daughter loves her Fun 1 1/2.  She thinks it’s the best because she can move it around on the water where she wants to when she wants to.  Dad loves that she can carry her own boat when she gets off the water.  Em, who is 11, loves the SideKick because of the stability and the courage it gives her.  She feels comfortable and confident in this great boat.  That original Little Hero is still going strong.  Our 13 year old daughter has loved it since the day she was finally able to steal it from her older sister!  It’s a great boat- easy to roll, punches through anything, and looks great on the water.  J and K are now 18 and 15 respectively.  They have progressed through the range of boats Jackson offers and have become pretty good paddlers.  K is play boating and creeking in the Rockstar and Karma.  Waterfalls being her favorite.  J, on the other hand, takes to freestyle and play boating.  He’s competed a lot, traveled the world, and joined Team Jackson last year.


Kayaking as a family has brought us closer together, created many wonderful memories, and given us the opportunity to see the world.

Thank you Jackson Kayak!

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