Acadia National Park Surf w Rockstar


My friend Peter and I had been watching the swell buoys of the coast of central Maine and more specifically Mount Desert Island. We were hoping to catch the right swell at the right time. There were some big storms out in the Atlantic Ocean.

We talked about how good it looked, the size and period, for days we watched, waited and hoped the weather too would cooperate also. this spot is finicky but when its good its really good.DSC01866DSC01837

Peter gets so jacked for this spot called Otter Cove in Acadia National Park he can barley stay calm on the 1hour drive to the ocean from where we both live. If he owned a vehicle that had the ability to pass cars he’d be a public hazard. We finally arrive and the sun is out and beaming, you can feel the waves crashing in the vibrations under your feet where we park.


We paddle out into the break and its easy to setup. We immediately start catching waves and they are wicked good. It’s so good I can hear Peter hooting somewhere. I line up and catch a big but bounce into something in the air, it feels great.


I line up again and catch another good sized wave and go for a but bounce and in my head i’m thinking- This is going to bounce really high- then my bow pearls and over the handle bars I go off the lip into some retendo wipeout. I can hear my go pro hitting the side of my kayak in the froth. I pop up laughing, just an epic ocean surf………………

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