Coosa HD in the Marshes


I love my Coosa HD in flowing rivers and still lakes, but how does it handle saltwater marshes and low country? Like a champ! I took my father out for his first trip kayak fishing in the salt, so I placed him in my trusty Kilroy for its simplicity, paddling and stability. He took to saltwater kayak fishing like a duck to water and put some nice trout in the cooler with a topwater bait. I began working the grasslines with a walk the dog bait and in no time, thanks to the stability of the Coosa HD, I quickly filled my limit and began shaking off keeper reds. The HD is an amazing inshore craft as it’s blend of stability and paddling allows you to cover a ton of ground and stand and sight fish grass flats. I am constantly amazed at just how versatile a craft the Coosa HD is. It is definitely NOT just for flowing rivers.

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