Evan checks in with his first Little Shredder blog

Hey! Have you ever heard of « St Pierre de bœuf » in France? It’s a beautiful artificial course, next to the Rhône River, based in the Loire departement. This place is famous for good wines and the magic landcapes of the Pilat mountain. But not only for these things! Every year, in Spring, the french team trials are organized there. It attracts most of all the frenchies’ freestylers who are fighting to get a place in the French Team.


St Pierre de Boeuf is the ultimate spot for big air moves. But be careful! Rocks are not far! I have trained all winter, mainly on flat water as opportunities to go to my favorite spot were limited. So flat water cartwheels and body building were my main training. Usually, my 3 principal competitors are Tom Dolle, Corentin Réau and Val Parasme which are kick ass paddlers, so good they upgraded to the junior category to be able to compete the Euro cup. But even if there were less challenge in my category (cadet), I had to struggle hard with very good paddlers coming from Spain. My winning ride could have taken me to the third place in junior category ! I’m super stoked ! My results are improving! I’m looking forward to the next events to touch the sky!


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