First Impressions from a Female Perspective; Traverse

I have paddled sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, every sort of whitewater boat but this was my first experience in the crossover realm. Picking up the Traverse was an unexpected delight (only due to not thinking I had a desire for a crossover kayak). To keep things short, this boat far exceeded what I thought a crossover boat was capable of. I paddle a Karma and a Karma Unlimited on a regular basis and I am a big fan of both. This boat reminded me more of the Unlimited. It is not as fast, but faster than the Karma which is expected due to its length. What I was the biggest fan of was how responsive it was. I was able to test it on a lake, in more mellow whitewater, a short attainment session and in a class IV rapid. I was confident with this boat getting in and out of eddies, having it excel in speed when needed and rolling through bigger waves. Something new to me with whitewater was the idea of using the skeg. While I need more time playing around, it was quickly apparent how much easier it was to drop this, put in a stroke and ferry my way across moving current. It also helped me tremendously when I was sitting on a dynamic eddy line. This boat is sporty and one I could easily see adding to any fleet of kayaks. Get out there and demo one. It is sure to leave a smile on your face.


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  1. Vern
    September 1, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    It will, it did, and I bought one.

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