Testing Out the Bending Branches Angler Ace


I have been kayak fishing for a couple of years now and one thing that I have noticed that can truly make a difference when you are out on the water is your paddle. I started out fishing with the cheapest most affordable paddle I could, and with respect to this paddle, it was what launched me into the field of kayak fishing and Texas Kayak Fisher. As I began to progress in my equipment, I realized how important a paddle really is.


I just recently was able to get a Bending Branches Angler Ace paddle at the 260 cm length. Having a 14 ft. kayak, the 260 cm paddle really was necessary. One thing that I noticed immediately about the Angler Ace is just how stiff and responsive it is. When you stick the carbon reinforced nylon blade into the water there is not much flexing, and the 100% carbon shaft makes a tremendous difference in both response and weight. Weighing in at only 31 oz. the Angler Ace is extremely lightweight and is a breeze to paddle for any given time period. One aspect to this journey that was quite different from any of my other journeys was that I didn’t fish much at all, rather I just went out with my dog Pup and paddled around enjoying some nice time on the water. The reason I didn’t fish much is because Texas has been receiving unbelievable amounts of rain and severe thunderstorms. Most of the rivers in Texas are quite flooded and are extremely discolored because of the massive amounts of flow going through some of these rivers. Although it was pretty rough that I couldn’t fish much it certainly was nice to just be able to get out on the water. The Angler Ace really made my time that much more enjoyable and I hope to be able to catch some monster fish in the future because of where the Angler Ace takes me. Be sure to check back in the future for a full review on the Angler Ace from Bending Branches.


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